Kevin Jones asked 5 years ago

Basically trying to grow plots in beach sand…
Last year I had the PH good and ready but still bad results when I planted. Will Deer Gro help with this?

1 Answers
DeerGro Expert Staff answered 5 years ago

Yes, Unfortunately this is a common problem when most information out there points to lime and pH as the solution. pH is simply the indicator to good soil health, but in a nutrient deprived soil like sand, it can register as a perfect pH yet will still fail at growing food plots. The number one goal here will be to increase organic matter and activity in the soil. DeerGro, will add this component as well as much needed nutrients including Calcium. Pair PlotStart and PlotBoost with a plant that can produce organic matter fast and does not require a lot of nutrients. Some good species to start with here would be clover and cover crops like winter rye and wheat. You should also look into soil health management and using the no-till method of planting.
Hope this helps with your soil and food plot management. DeerGro will help create ideal soil at a faster and higher rate than simply addressing a pH issue with lime!