James Swain asked 6 years ago

My soil test results call for 2500lbs of lime per acre. How much plot start should be applied per acre to equal the 2500lbs of lime? 

1 Answers
DeerGro Expert Staff answered 6 years ago

The recommended rate per acre is all the PlotStart that should be applied. The reason for this is PlotStart works much faster than lime. While the test might result in advising 2500 lbs the reality is most of that will take much much longer to start working. With PlotStart, you can apply once now at the recommended rate and adjust soil pH faster and more efficiently, then come back in spring to reapply. This, in simple terms equals 2500 lbs lime application, but in more detail has worked to adjust soil pH in two steps, an adjustment in fall, and again in spring. While the lime application may just be starting to adjust the pH, PlotStart has already created an ideal habitat for seed germination in both fall and spring. We do not recommend applying more than the rate per acre per bottle. Only so much will work at once in the concentrate, we ask you to be cautious of over-applying it.