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Dennis Olano asked 5 years ago

Saw this article from NAW about Plotboost and Glyphosate. Noticed there might be some changes needed for Glyphosate rate:
One of the meaningful benefits to including PlotBoost in your Round-up ready bean treatments in particular is the reduction or elimination of yellowing and burning after spraying, which after adjusting my glyphosate rate with help from Jeremy Flinn at DeerGro, worked like a charm.
What adjustments need to be makde to Glyphosate rates when using Plotboost to treat soybeans?

1 Answers
DeerGro Expert Staff answered 5 years ago

The article points out the inclusion of PlotBoost as the adjustment. Depending on what you are using (roundup or 41% Gly or another product) always follow the label. PlotBoost works on the acre basis so simply mix in the tank for the acreage of the plot being sprayed.