Tim Gordon asked 6 years ago

I have been planting 3, 1/2 plots for several years with very little success so my question is it possible to apply to much plot start before planting and is it possible to apply to much blot boost after the plants start to grow?  I am in far Southeast Missouri right on the Tenn, Ark state line and on the banks of the Mississippi river and we have several thousand acres of corn and beans planted in the area but I am wanting to keep these secluded plots available to the deer year around and in good shape.  Also is there a discount code available st this time?

1 Answers
DeerGro Expert Staff answered 6 years ago


No there is not a discount code available at this time unfortunately. Yes, apply the rate suggested to avoid overdoing it with the concentrates which could burn up the plants. PlotBoost should only be used at the recommended rate. PlotStart should be used to the equivalent of how many tons of lime per acre was suggested by a soil sample.