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Rich schuster asked 4 years ago

How effective is your product with corn food plots

1 Answers
DeerGro Expert Staff answered 4 years ago

Corn food plots need a lot out of the gate in terms of nutrients for a good crop. Besides a decent sized plot, plenty of sunlight, and weed control, corn is taxing on the soil and amendments should go in ahead of time. As always you should do a soil test to confirm the presents or lack of nutrients in the soil to see if one particular nutrient needs to go into the ground and this will help you get a good read on your food plot’s ph. PlotStart is a lime alternative that will raise the pH of your soil faster while also providing a readily available source of calcium to the growing plot. Spray 2.5 Gallons per acre for every ton of lime a soil test recommends. Corn is a big user of nitrogen specifically so making sure to provide nitrogen before and during growth is important. On your first round of herbicides for weed control after the corn germinates, mix PlotBoost at 32 oz per acre directly into the tank with your herbicide, this will supply nitrogen, as well as allow the corn to uptake more water and nutrients that the PlotStart is making readily available. This will also help fight any negative herbicide yield drag you may experience on the corn.