Dana Fournier asked 5 years ago

Hey this is my first foodplot. I live in northern Vermont (next to the Canadian border) I was curious on what I should plant. Most people say to plant clover/brassica. Do you make a mixture of this? Are they two different things?
-thanks in advance! 

1 Answers
DeerGro Expert Staff answered 5 years ago


We do not sell seed or seed mixtures. For your area, without knowing food plot size both clover and brassicas would work. If its a smaller plot we suggest going with the clover. If it is a larger plot then go with a summer annual crop like beans, and overseed a fall mix such as cereal rye and brassicas in over-top the standing beans. This is the best option for small food plots and larger food plots respectively. Check out our blog for specific food plot species information.