Ralph Gaudio asked 3 years ago

I plan on planting a fall mix food plot sometime in July. The plot will be dozed this week and I’ll till it and drag it to level it within a week or so. I want to then plant my seed in July. I have tested the soil and it tests around 6.0. I was planning to spread pelletized lime right after tilling but then I found your product.
So, my question is,  can I use Plot Start now or wait till I plant seed in a July?  Or should I use it now and again when I plant?

1 Answers
DeerGro Expert Staff answered 3 years ago

You can apply now and again at planting both applications being 2.5 gallons of PlotStart to the acre. Getting it done ahead of schedule will help change the pH faster, but there are some immediate benefits of having the PlotStart in the soil right next to the seeds as they germinate and work through the soil with the start.