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About Us

Founded by a group of agricultural, wildlife, and hunting industry professionals, DeerGro™ was formed because of the intense demand to create high-quality food plots for hunting and wildlife. We take pride that our products are manufactured by a 30-year AgriChemical company in the USA. DeerGro’s™ products, PlotStart™ and PlotBoost™, provide extremely easy to use solutions to many common food plot problems including pH of the soil, fertilizer uptake, drought, disease and insect resistance, and many more! Forget the white mountains or expensive pelletized bags of lime, and the wasted fertilizer and weather concerns, DeerGro™ will produce the results you desire – ”Better Food Plots…Bigger Deer!”

  • No Big Equipment?

    Can be applied with Hand/Backpack Sprayer, ATV, and or Tractor

  • Easy to Use!

    Comes in convenient bottles that power up to 1 acre

  • Soil Survey?

    Excellent results even without a soil sample analysis

  • Data Driven Results

    Data analysis on all Plot products

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