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Does this stuff really work? Is this product too good to be true? Believe us, we get it all the time. If you are in awe, in wonder, and questioning… ”does DeerGro really work?” then you are in the right place! Believers and nonbelievers alike come at us each and every day with these questions, however, after discussing or actually researching for themselves on the facts behind the soil, and our game-changing products, they will discover that indeed PlotStart and PlotBoost work! Depending on which stage you are in, either click here to look at more research or scroll down to check out actual DeerGro reviews and testimonies!


Hunters, professional hunters in the outdoor industry, biologists, and expert food plotters alike have all tried and reviewed DeerGro’s PlotStart and PlotBoost. Below is a video combining reviews and testimonials from real customers of DeerGro! After the video, continue to scroll down for other reviews!

In addition to the video, we have compiled several testimonies from other professionals, hunters, and food plotters that have sent us feedback after trying PlotStart and PlotBoost. Check them out!

PlotStart and PlotBoost Work

I experienced vigorous bean and corn growth right out of the gate and through the growing season, in spite of below-average June rainfall in my region of central Illinois.

Mike Carney

I'm a Believer

Before using plotstart I wasn't able to grow a brassica food plot no matter how much fertilizer I applied. Once I discovered plotstart online figured why not try it & to my astonishment my once disastrous brassica plots with plotstart have been incredible. I'm a believer & have become a regular user of plotstart because it "Simply Works".

Gerald Conway

Better Success Rate

Used both Plot Start and Plot Grow on new food plots. The soil conditions are very poor and these products provided me a much better success rate than with lime and fertilizer alone. I will continue to purchase these to jumpstart my plots.


Easy to Use

We've just started using these products & are really pleased with how easy it is to use - We put this on a brand new plot & were very happy with the amount of plant coverage even though our soil was not the best - We will be using Plot Till this time

Lena P.

Increase in Deer Activity

I applied at the rate of 32oz/15 gallons of water. I can’t stretch 10 gallons over each acre and I I have 3 one acre plots. I have seen improvements with growth rate and an increase in deer activity. Haven’t seen the “green up” improvement I was hoping to see, but I think the 320z./12 gallon would be better. Will apply again in a month or so.

Ray V.

This Stuff Actually Works

So far so good! I received this a week after ordering it. Instructions are very easy to follow I’ve sprayed the plot start and in an area that hasn’t seen sunlight in 20 years from trees that I cleared the seed came up so fast and good! I’ll spray the boost on it next week!

Kendall B.

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PlotStart™ is a food plot spray that changes soil health, and is a better option than lime. It can do the work of 1 Ton of Lime in 2.5 gallons and is 3X quicker.

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PlotBoost™ is a food plot spray that improves the plant and the soil around it, boosting nutrient making, nutrient absorbing, and drought resisting.

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PlotTill™ is a food plot spray that enhances the soil’s texture and airflow, letting more oxygen in for better root growth and soil life activity.

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