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PlotBoost™ 32oz (1acre)

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**Black 32 Oz Bottle Inventory is low, PlotBoost 32 oz will temporarily be shipped in white 32 oz bottles.**

PlotBoost is a spray applied to actively growing plants to promote better growth and fertilizer uptake, greater resistance to drought, disease and insects, and increased nutrient capacity leading to healthier and bigger deer. The 32-ounce bottle will cover up to one (1) acre, and can be applied with hand-pump, backpack, ATV/UTV, or tractor sprayers.

All Products have a 4-year Shelf Life

PlotBoost™ will enhance your food plot and plantings by

Boosts food plot yield

Reduces negative herbicide yield drags

Increases plant’s ability to take up nutrients

Increases water update & drought tolerance

Increases disease and insect tolerance

Can be mixed in tank directly with herbicides

Can be applied 3x per year

How to Use PlotBoost™


• 32 oz of PlotBoost™ Per acre can be applied to a food plot 3X per year. Typical application includes 3-5 weeks after germination or during the first post-emergent herbicide spraying.
• PlotBoost™ species recommendations:
• Spring plantings (Ex: clover, alfalfa, chicory) North – May to July (up to 3X); South – March to June (up to 3X)
• Summer plantings (Ex: corn, soybeans, sorghum) North – May to August (up to 3X); South – April to August (up to 3X)
• Fall plantings (Ex: wheat, brassica, turnips) North – August to November (up to 3X); South – September to December (up to 3X)


PlotBoost™ must be mixed with water to evenly distribute it over the intended acreage. For most applications, 10-15 gallons of water is needed to apply PlotBoost™ over a single acre. PlotBoost™ is NOT applied in an oz/gallon of water ratio like herbicides, rather it is a per acre application. Simply mix enough water to evenly distribute the 32 oz over the correct amount of acreage. PlotBoost™ can be. mixed directly with Round-up® or Glyphosate, fungicides, insecticides, and other herbicides in the same spray tan, saving time!

EXAMPLE: If you have a 25 gallon ATV sprayer, you will likely be able to evenly spray 2 acres. Fill the tank with 32 oz gallons per acre of PlotBoost™ per acre then fill the rest of the tank up with water. For a 2 acre application, this would be 64 oz of PlotBoost™ and the rest of the tank filled with water.


Once you have evenly distributed the correct amount of PlotBoost™ per acre you are done! The effective it is suggested to follow up with PlotBoost™ again before summer droughts or before deer season to increase attraction and tolerances of the plot for a maximum of 3X per year.


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