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PlotStart™ 2.5gal 2PK (2 Acre Case)

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PlotStart is a spray that provides instantly available calcium to the soil and plants. Historically, lime has been the source of calcium. However, with traditional lime taking months to activate and liquid lime only lasting a single season, PlotStart begins working the moment it touches the ground and provides available calcium for years to come. The 2.5 gallon of PlotStart will cover up to one (1) acre. PlotStart can be applied at or before planting to both tilled and untilled ground. It also can be applied to perennial plots, trees, and shrubs to give the soil and plants a needed boost.

All Products have a 4-year Shelf Life

PlotStart™ will enhance your food plots and plantings by:

• Lime equivalency rate: 2.5 gallons = 1 ton of lime
• Adjusts soil health biologically and chemically, faster than ag lime
• Increases plant germination
• Increases nutrient (NPK) availability for plants
• Increases calcium for seedlings

How to Use PlotStart™


2.5 Gallons of PlotStart™ = 1 Ton of Lime Per Acre. If your soil pH is 4.5-5.5 use 5 gallons of PlotStart™ per acre (equivalent to 2 tons of lime per acre). Use a max of 2 jugs (5 gallons PlotStart™per acre) if the soil is acidic (4.5-5 pH) or spray 5 gallons of PlotStart™ per acre in the spring, then again in the fall for the fall planting totaling 10 gallons per acre over the course of 12 months.


PlotStart™ must be mixed with water to evenly distribute it over the intended acreage. For most applications, 10-15 gallons of water is needed to apply PlotStart™ over a single acre. PlotStart™ is NOT applied in an oz/gallon of water ratio like herbicides, rather it is a per acre application. Simply mix enough water to evenly distribute the 2.5 gallons or 5 gallons (depending on pH) over the correct amount of acreage. PlotStart can be. Mixed directly with nitrogen solutions, and soil-applied herbicides. PlotStart™ CANNOT BE APPLIED WITH ROUND-UP® or GLYPHOSATE.

EXAMPLE: If you have a 25 gallon ATV sprayer, you will likely be able to evenly spray 2 acres. Fill the tank with 2.5 gallons per acre of PlotStart™ for soils 5.5 -7 in pH, or 5 gallons per acre for soils more acidic than 5.5. for a 2-acre food plot with a soil pH of 6.0, you would fill the tank with 2 x 2.5-gallon jugs (2.5 gallons per acre) then fill the rest of the tank up with water.


Once you have evenly distributed the correct amount of PlotStart™ per acre you are done! The effective formula of PlotStart™ will do the rest. It is suggested to follow up with PlotBoost™ after the food plot reaches full ground coverage (3-5 weeks) or when directly in the tank with your first round of post-emergent herbicide.

WHAT IS PLOTSTART? - DeerGro's Lime Alternative

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